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  1. Lynette

    The first part of this comment is more accurately a question (a follow-up to our conversation after the noon Mass at St. Bridget’s yesterday) —

    Did you attend Borromeo High School? If so, I know someone who was in your class. And what about your schooling before that?

    Also, the person who first told me about your blog is trying to remember how he became aware of it.

    Do you have an email address? I would prefer not to be publicized on your site, if I should happen to comment again.

  2. Margaret Thomas-Repcik

    Hello Father,
    Thank you for being at my sister’s funeral Mass. It meant a lot. I also enjoyed your homily at your sister’s Funeral Mass. I remember we all have shortcomings and gifts. We have our shortcomings so that others can use their gifts. Please give me your sisters email. Thank you.

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