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Steve Karthan


You always have said to me…”Don’t be so hard on yourself.” I now say don’t be so hard on yourself!” This is a short reflection for right now…All animals have a need for structure, unfortunately this is always linear. We talk about “boxes” instead of orbs or circles. “Chain of Command” and all that! This, in my opinion, gets us into trouble. There isn’t an organization…religion that doesn’t use a “structure” system. I ask that we consider ourselves in an bubble, orb,global type system when we speak of Jesus. Accept everyone, Love everyone, care for each other. Don’t judge, don’t have prior conceptions. This is extremely easy to say for us…extremely difficult for us not to do. We look to “You” for guidance, because you are a Priest… we look to our “Elders” for guidance..ecectra, ecetra…my opinion is we need to start thinking as a “holistic” type of people and not a “box” type people. This is extremely tough because we know only “structure”. Our brain, our heart and our individual “Spirit”…not the Holy Spirit are obstacles to try and overcome. I love where you come from and where I see you heading. Love it!

Point of information it is far easier for me not to attend mass or pray or care, because I have it “easier” not to care by going to mass or praying…ONLY BIG GLITCH IS EVIL EXISTS! The structure we have in place (Catholic Dogma…maybe), is needed to save Our Souls…Drunken Stupid probably…LOVE your…Love You! Thank you for having made me a “better” person.