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Sherri Buck

I know I’m really late to respond to this, but sometimes, things don’t come to me when I want, but when it’s needed. This weekend actually allowed me to combine my thinking with this parable and the resurrection!

Again, thinking about the prodigal son, growing up I never understood why the “good” son, didn’t get the celebration, that the runaway son did. But this is where the resurection comes into play for me. Just follow along and let me explain:

The elder son in his mind has done everything the father has asked, always did as he says. But the difference being when the younger son came home, it wasn’t about what his mind said (it’s ok to leave and squander money) but in his heart he realized how much he hurt his father. His heart asked for forgiveness, not just saying the words. The elder son was busy proffering himself as to how good he was. “He did everything right”.

Now, this is what struck me this weekend. When they looked in the tomb the garments of His body were in one spot and those that covered His head were set aside. I think this is very symbolic and coincides with the prodigal son. Maybe this is a way to tell us that what is in our mind and heart may be very different. And sometimes we are telling ourselves that “hey I’m doing everything right” and maybe within our heart we aren’t looking deep enough.

I think the spirit is telling me (personally) that this is something I need to look closer at. Not let my mind overrule (overthink), but let my heart show through use it to speak to others and allow the spirit to work through me!