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In the Story Jesus’ disciples fell asleep while Jesus was having his experience. They felt they knew him well enough that nothing was going to change. When they woke up and saw what was happening with Jesus, they wanted to build tents and stay with that. This might suggest to us that in our own life we might feel we know Jesus well enough that nothing more or new is going to happen. In our own version of listening to Jesus we concentrate on our own perfection by doing things that we think are important and will keep Good happy. Listening to Jesus becomes something of a performance according the the rules issue, and so we focus on rules, terminology, etc, trying to gives ourselves some sense of control. We are not comfortable with any changes. In the Gospels Jesus is not talking about performance, but what tradition calls union, being increasingly aware that we live in a relationship with God that becomes the basis of our life. Rules and doctrines are important, but they point beyond themselves to awareness of this union. They are means to an end, not the end itself.We run the risk of some sort of a static faith that does not grow because it feels it already has all then answers. So, we feel we can judge others by our ways — we are right, others are wrong. This is rampant in christianity, as well as in other traditions.

Jesus calls his disciples to learn from him to see God happening in real life as it is, to let God be God, be open to meeting God in new and unexpected persons and situations. We are on a journey from God, with Good, to God, always being drawn ahead, often well beyond our comfort zones, beyond comfortable routines and ways of thinking.