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Sherri Buck

I feel like this is another way of Jesus speaking to us a little differently. He specifically took Peter John and James on the mountain, an I think maybe this was purposeful. While growing up I always felt them at these 3 were the “most faithful” which is why Jesus brought them. But looking at things from my older mind, I realize maybe this was done more so to solidify their faith. Often we believe our hearts and mind are in the right place when it comes to believing and praying – and it your point – it’s what we WANT Jesus to be/ believe. But this is the moment that God confirms “This is my chosen Son; listen to him.”

So ultimately is how many times have we heard the same, but didn’t listen. God asks us to listen to Jesus- but how often do we take the time to hear Jesus speak through others because what we believe is a good Christian, person, child? Listening to Jesus is about listening to others. Hearing Jesus speak through them.

I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve used the phrase with my kids “you heard me but did you listen?”- I really think this is very similar with these men. They heard God- but did they really listen? Did they really listen to what Jesus told them something I work on on daily- trying not just to hear God, but actually listen!