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Sherri Buck

Christmas Day! The pinnacle of Christianity! The day Christ is born! The day Mary and Joseph waited for and fought through. The idea of having a child is paralyzing for anyone. But the thought knowing you are giving birth to Christ? That is something else entirely, right? It certainly was terrifying (3 different tomes) for me, but hind sight is always 20/20, so they say.

I have been trying to take the approach of reading the gospels as if this was the first time I’m hearing them instead of the 48 or more times. Yes I’m giving away my age☺️. This one actually took me down a path I didn’t understand initially.
It talks of Jesus birth, how the shepherds shared their story with Mary and Joseph. It doesn’t talk about Joseph’s reaction, but I can only imagine the relief he felt. Knowing first, this baby was in fact Christ- he believed the angels when the spoke to him and stayed with Mary- but human nature, I think, would still have him questioning. In my mind this was his confirmation when the shepherds tell their story. Their is something glorious about this baby!
Well guess what, in 1996, 2000, 2004… something glorious happened as well! Those were the years I had my children! And while we are “mere” humans – I know each of my children have a path they will take that will make an impression on each person the encounter. While each of them have their own unique personality- I can see God working through them, just as God and Jesus worked as one!

As time went on, Jesus knew His goal- as did Mary. Neither May have liked it but they knew it had to happen. I see this with my own children as well, while God is working through them, some of their decisions break their hearts, as a mother I feel my heart break as well. But the fact that they indeed are also Gods children gives me consolation! The fact is many mothers and fathers probably had the same feelings as Mary- the doubt, anxiousness, pride all feelings as parents. It all happens at birth at one time! But the most important one we tend to know, but don’t express- we BELIEVE in our children! We believe they can and will do great things! They are very much like Christ. I believe that my children are children of God- therefore they will do many great things!