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One of the things the Story reminds us of is that Jesus became one of us to show us that each one of us is important. God sent him to show us how to live, because folks had forgotten that their covenant with God also included their relationship with each other. Men back then, Pharisees and Sadducees, had taken over the covenant for themselves and enforced it according to their own comfort and convenience and their desire for power, and taught the people that to get to God, they had to go through them. Jesus showed that this was not as God intended. He did this by showing that every person, whether accepted by the various societies or not, was important to God. This means that each of us as we are is important to God and necessary to each other. God is a community, Trinity, and is being God (godding) in all of us, and as reflections of God we need each other. What is going on around the world today, and is exacerbated by the coronavirus, is what happens when we choose not to acknowledge our inter-dependency and instead focus on our own comfort and convenience and our desire for power, which leads us to judge others, even God, by our standards.

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