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IN the first part of the Gospel Story Jesus criticizes those who reduce the Covenant to a system of rules. They can the judge and criticize others. In the second part, Jesus talks about what he was his followers to be like, which is very different from the temple system people. The widow gives all she has because she thinks it is the right thing to do, trusting that God will take care of her. This is similar to the story of the widow in the First Reading.

This Story is not necessarily about money, but about trusting in God when we do something that we believe is right. This involves something called discernment, a prayer consideration of what we are thinking of doing, open to what the Spirit is guiding us to. It is important to know that when we do this, it does not mean others will agree with us, especially with the current polarization of country and church. The odds are that whatever we do, some may not like it and can make our life difficult. Our primary goal is to be open to the Spirit, and then ask the courage to act.

Everywhere there are good people doing this, taking unpopular actions to do what they think is right.

It is important to remember that following Jesus and trying to be open to the Spirit is not a spectator sport, matter of knowing the rues and right words, but often a call to action, a call to help someone or address a problem or situation that is hurting people. This happens every day.