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Sherri Buck

Jesus knowing what is about to happen to Him, make this gospel especially powerful. He is discussing his imminent death, and when Peter rebukes this Jesus says: Get behind me, Satan.
You are thinking not as God does, but as human beings do.” when I was younger I never understood this. Why would Jesus be upset that somebody wanted to stand up for him? It made no sense. But as I grow in my faith I realize many times we do the same thing. We fight against what is to come, what God is bringing to us. Some of its good, some of its questionable, and some is what we perceive as “bad”. I say perceive because many time we want to fight for what will make “us” feel good, instead of accepting what is inevitable. This can put us in a very strenuous relationship with God because it brings us to a point where we can blame Him for the bad. I don’t believe God creates evil. I believe evil exists, and pushes us TO God, while many feel it pushes us away. I know this is a little backhanded, but think about it. Many who want to blame God for evil, probably don’t have an intimate relationship with God. But by this “bad” happening, it opens a door for people to begin communicating with Him, even if it is in anger. Having faith that what is happening is going to bring about a resolution (in this case saving mankind) is a good thing.

Peter has such a difficult time understanding this, and while he continues to support Jesus the only way he knows how, He hasn’t accepted Jesus as the son of God who will save us. Sometimes sitting back and accepting is the best thing to do.

This brings me to another conclusion, while Judas is considered “the bad seed” because He “betrays” Jesus, He knew it had to be done. I feel there is a lot to his back story, and maybe the betrayal of Jesus came when He accepted silver for it, but his faith was accepting the inevitable. I know this thinking is way far off what most people believe, but I think Judas had to be one of the most faithful of the apostles to do what he did. If this was asked of Peter, would it have ever happened?

All in all, as Jesus/God/Holy Spirit are with us always, we need to be open to the “bad” as well as the good. Look for the guidance from each, deny the normal reaction oneself naturally has, reach out and open the communication with each to seek the understanding. If understanding is beyond us (many times it is) seek accepting, even if it feels like betrayal.