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Steve Karthan

Charity and Compassion come to mind when I think about this Gospel…I have to confess that when I pray…it is not to Mary or the Saints…I feel we ask Mary and the Saints to pray for us…I’ve had this discussion with friends of mine. I might be wrong, but this is my feelings. Yes,yes we are blessed to have sooo many powerful “people” to from…but prayer is more about “me”…I might not be as Catholic as I could be…To me the most important things ever said by anyone is the Our Father and the Last Supper Body /Blood of Christ. Everything else are “tools” of Faith.KISS (keep it simple stupid) is how I try to be. Since retirement, I’ve become lazy and complacent…I pray for leadership that I have seen here, to succeed in making our lives better in whole. The Holy Spirit is truely speaking…bring as many people as we can back to Mass. I tell myself to have faith that God continues to “heal”, to allow the “deaf” to hear His voice. If I don’t “drag” or “ask” people I know to “come back”, blah,blah,blah…Thank you for everything being shared here. PLEASE continue!