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Sherri wrote this:
Here are my thoughts: I believe religion is base foundation of beliefs. It is a communication tool for prayer. While Christians all believe in Jesus. Now how we understand the life of Jesus, how we pray and what we get out of it is very individualized. For me Catholicism is the best way for me to communicate understand and believe. That’s not to say it’s the “only”religion. There are some man made laws that while may be important I think are skewed in today’s times. Like if you eat meat on Friday’s during lent you’ll go to hell. But for me, it’s something I feel like it makes lent special for me. Some religions don’t believe in praying to Mary or saints. Does that mean their belief is any less in Jesus? No nor does it mean that by praying to Mary or the Saints Catholics are wrong. Once again, religion allows us a foundation and vehicle if you to communicate the God. Each person needs to decide which religion is going to provide them with the most fulfilling outcome to bring the close to God.

Sherri wrote this as a response to a comment: Sherri Buck

Thanks ****. I will take it with caution. However, This quote had nothing to do with my belief. I also believe Jesus is the truth. I guess my thoughts were more toward the fact of if you are sitting in church, wondering why you’re there and walk out saying “that’s it?” Then maybe you need to look for a different religion that is going to get you to the point that you believe Jesus is the truth. I don’t always agree with the homilys and I have heard other pastors, and preachers and have walked away saying “Wow- that really resonated with me!” I don’t idolize my religion nor do I idolize those who speak. I listen for Jesus talking to me, the message is there. For me if I don’t walk away saying the homily, made me feel closer to Jesus, I can definitely say the Eucharist did. I pray that everyone gets that connection no matter what religion they are.

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