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Sherri Buck

It’s funny how different things stand out to different people. The one thing that I’ve known forever, was taught it over and over about how the apostles were chosen. But reading the phrase “For this reason I have told you that no one can come to me unless it is granted him by the Father.” It continues to talk how Jesus knew who would stay or leave and knew His betrayer.

I guess the realization hit me that indeed, while Jesus spoke, taught and prayed with everyone, he knew not everyone was a believer, maybe they didn’t agree with what he said. Yet, He continued to teach, and pray with them and for them.

Knowing all the while that there was somebody there that would eventually betray Him. But, the Father allowed it. Brought this “betrayer” among all of apostles with Him. Not once did He stop what He was doing saying in spite of knowing Judas would betray Him. The thing that struck me is that while he did betray Jesus, He may have believed all He was saying and doing. Similar to us as we “betray” Jesus when we are sinning. Doesn’t mean we don’t believe, just that we made a bad choice. God still allows us to be with Jesus. He allowed all those non believers to “be” with Jesus, until they chose not to be.

For me the choice is simple! The actions maybe not so simple, as I know I am far from perfect. I continue to believe and ask for forgiveness and know God welcomes me back just as Jesus does.