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Steve Karthan

Sherri, Padre,

I love every single word that I’ve read from both of you! Both of you are truely blessed and enlightened.we’ve been doing this for 4 or 5 weeks now. I continue having barrier after barrier. The latest one scared me…the Gospel is a gift to “US” from Christ. I don’t know if I’m smart, faithful or blessed enough to make the Gospel “personal” and share it as an “individual”…it is truely beautiful what both of you have written. SHARE THESE THOUGHTS WITH “US” not just me…this is valuable insight and needs to be shared with all. You two are beautiful people!:Thank You!

I’m still trying to be open to my experience, my relationship with Jesus. I don’t take these matters lightly.

Padre when we 1st met, you liked it when I said “let me think about it”, I haven’t changed in that matter. I’m just not ready to “babble” about my thoughts in the Gospel. They are beautiful to “me” as are your insights being beautiful to “me”.