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Sherri Buck

This is actually a new way of thinking for me. I always would focus on the fact the the babies “communicated” the bond between Jesus and John the Baptist. While the spirit was definitely present and allowing unspoken words.

The acceptance of Mary in this is also discussed at an intimate level between Elizabeth and Mary. No doubt, while Mary accepted what Gods plans were, I feel she needed the support from her family. Something I can relate to.

While I can’t say I was “like” Mary, I can say that when I was worried about being pregnant, and prayed and prayed- and even before I know for certain I knew. It scared the heck out of me, and with God, I was able to accept this. I could not have gotten through that without having that nudge from God. Again like Mary, my family was my support as well. I think that is important in this message to show that not only the one God chooses to be the messenger, but those around us are part of the message as well.