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Sherri Buck

This story between Mary and Elizabeth seems to be as much about the proclamation of Mary being pregnant as it is telling me today we carry Jesus with us as well! We may not physically be carrying a baby, but we do carry Him with us.

There are times when you can feel the presence of Christ in a person, and while you may not have a baby within us to leap as Elizabeth did, our body does provide us physical signals, goosebumps, increased heart rate and at time ones mind just “knows”.

The fact that the holy spirit works within us (Jesus being in us)to allow us to be the instrument to deliver the message somebody is meant to hear is humbling.

Mary accepted this whole heatedly, and her message was delivered. How many times can we say we felt that “feeling” when we felt we became the messenger for God,Jesus, the Holy Spirit.

As a Eucharistic minister, I am humbled that there are time when I present Christ to somebody, and the intensity the connection may be compared to the connection Elizabeth and Mary felt. That feeling deep within.

I guess this gospel for me tells so much more than a visit between Mary and Elizabeth. It’s the message that each of us carries Jesus, each of us can honor Jesus by remaining g humble among each other, and each of us can allow ourselves to be the instrument Jesus uses to deliver a message.