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Sherri Buck

This gospel is compelling but confusing. The one thing I felt certain of that never hit me before, is it feels like Jesus in His own way is trying to let the people know of His and Gods oneness. The first part of the trinity. He quotes the prophets saying “they shall b taught by God”, and while they called Him teacher the never made the connection.

He then emphasizes that He is the bread of life. Again to this day I don’t feel like many people truly believe or understand that statement. This is the beginning of the explanation of the Eucharist as we know. Accepting of the “flesh” of Christ, His being, and understanding that fully accepting Jesus will continue to fill ones soul and nourish a person more than any “food” can. He again explains that our physical need will always need to be replenished- His will always be fulfilling- and accepting it is all we need to do. The “hunger” will go away when we accept.