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As we listen to or read this Gospel Story in the setting of the so much that is going on locally, in our country, and our church, we might look into ourselves to see if Jesus is trying to teach us anything about what we can do to be his disciples in all this, to deal with the threats and violence on just about any issue. Threats of violence against all sorts of folks who disagree with other people’s opinions are happening all around us, even as they happened to Jesus and his followers. Jesus teaches us what we are to do, not what we are to demand that other people so so it is easier for us to live our understanding of the Gospel, which just might not be the way others see the Gospel. We do know that folks are suffering and hurting in any number of situations. It may be that through this Gospel Story Jesus is trying to show us what we can do in our own circle to help, and how we need to remain close in him, our Bread of Life. Then again, maybe not. Jesus is not about answers, security, or safety. He is more about openness, questioning, trusting, growing.